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"My present projects investigate the intersection where the hard and fast science of physics collides with sublime spirituality, playfulness and a pinch of humor.  This quest for the magical moment where awe is directed at subjects more powerful than the objects and the ‘aha moment’ happens in the hands rather than the grey matter.  These recent kinetic works invite the viewer to engage the sculptures’ motion, as an extension one’s own energy, and break the no-touch rule of art."

Click here to see these kinetic works in motion

Quantum Revival, encaustic, cable, wood, 120x144x18

Quantum Revival, an installation of fifteen red balls swinging from cables of increasing length that when ‘let loose’ fall in and out of sync to a choreographed wave dance. 

Harmonograph, wood, bowling balls, paper, pen, 48x60x60

Harmonograph, a kinetic wooden contraption that draws geometric lines, when rods weighted with bowling balls move long arms that hold a pen over a rotating surface. 


Dance of Shive, nylon, cable, steel rods, bouncy balls, 18x144x18

Dance of Shive was named after Dr. John Shive who developed the Shive wave machine.  This kinetic sculptural installation consists of 146 red bouncy balls stretched between two columns that when displaced causes a wave to propagate across the span.  You can make your own using duct tape, shish kebab skewers and marsh mellows. 

Tertium Quid #1, #2, #3, encaustic on MDF, wood, gear motor, 36x36x12 each

Tertium Quid, a grouping of three disks, spinning at low rpm, creates the illusion of three dimensionality and was inspired by Duchamp’s Rotoreliefs.