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Spirendulum Series

The Spirendulum Series involves 2-D encaustic panels positioned on the studio floor to receive marks made with a wax drizzling pendulum that Bernard swings, pushes and propels, then layers with spirographic transfers.  Aware of the tension created between mechanical symmetry and organic flow, Bernard plays with relationship of control and lack thereof.

See a short video of the pendulum process

Epicycloid, encaustic, 36x48


Set In Motion, encaustic, 36x48


Spirendulum, encaustic, 36x48

Swingling Freely, encaustic, 36x36

Toward Equilibrium, encaustic, 36x36

Pendulum 9, encaustic, 78"x78"

Lissajous Petit, encaustic, 24x48

Lissajous Medium, encaustic, 24x48

Lissajous Grand, encaustic, 24x48